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Relocating to Denver


If you are moving from across the pond to live in Colorado, the 'to-do' list can seem overwhelming.  Here are a few pointers to get you get you started

* Get your Social Security number

This is needed to apply for many things in the US. Check out more here

* Get a line of credit

Credit Scores are a big factor in financing anything in the US.  The higher the credit score, the more favorable it will be for you to get lower mortgage rates, car financing, insurance etc.  Anything above 720 is ideal but 680 will start to see some savings for you.  The American system is that you literally have to go into debt and then show that you have the ability to pay off that debt.  Some UK banks that have a US presence may start this process off for you.  However most people will take out a credit card or two (there are also some good incentives such as air miles).  Just pay off at the end of each month to show you have the ability to pay.  It will probably take about 12 months to be able to qualify for a house.  

* What area to live in?

Whether you are here for 2 years or its a permanent move, finding the right area is key to making your feel at home.  But that is often hard when you have just moved here. Driving around these areas will get you used to the 'feel' of an area.  If you would like Census Data on a certain area, please reach out and we can send that out.  Here is an example report CLICK HERE   We offer area tours where will visit some of the areas of town. Click below to join our next one. 

* Where to rent? 

Most people start off in a rental property.  The best websites are


Property Managers

Buying a home


The home buying process is a very different to the UK. Here is an idea of what you can expect

Choosing where to live

Some hints and tips when it comes to deciding which part of Denver you want to live

Join our next neighbourhood tour


We'll jump in the car and take a tour of areas

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